The great Armenian enlightenter Khachatur Abovyan was born in Kanaker village.


Khacahatur is taken to Ethcmiatsin and given to Catholicos Eprem to be educated and prepared for spiritual rank. He stays in Etchmiadzin about six years.


Becomes аn altar boy of archbishop Anton Moughnetsy  and on his invitation goes to Haghpat.


Anton Mughnetsi takes Khachatur  to Tiflis and gives him to the master Poghos Gharadaghtsy for education.

Goes to Sanahin to his tutor bishop Anton and gives there lessons for several months.


December 1- Enters a newely opened Nerssesyan school in Tiflis.


 Finishes the Nerssesyan school.

 Tries in every possible way to continue his education at Lazaryan lyceum in Moscow,  but miscarries .

July 8-12-Gets permission from Catholicos Eprem to leave for Venice to continue education. But because of the Russo-Persian second war Abovyan didn’t succeed to leave for Venice.

After the three month wonderings Abovyan returns to Haghpat Monastery and takes part in the locals’ self-defensive battles.


July-September-Leaves for Telavi for a while,  probably to leave for Moscow  for education, but miscarries once again.

At the end of September- Returns to Haghpat Monastery once again.

October 10-Enters Sanahin Congregation and is appointed a teacher in Monastery school.


March 18-Anton Mughnetsy asks the Armenian leader of Russia for assisting his godson Khachatur to be educated at Lazaryan seminary. Unfortunately, he gets an evasive answer.

April 8-Stops duties of a teacher in Sanahin Monastery and returns to Haghpat.

At the end of April-Returns to Etchmiatzin Monastery and continuie his service, at the same time gives lessons of Russian and Armenian to some clever youths.

October-Takes service with Eprem Marzavantsi and gets four degrees of semi-deacon.


The first half- Abovyan, Havhannes Shahkhatunyants, Manvel Kyumushkhanetsi, Mser Mseryants and some like-minded persons decide to found a spiritual congregation in Sevan and promote elucidative activity.

April-Abovyan is appointed as a secretary and a translater of  Synod and Catholicos.

June-July- Abovyan is infected with plague  and after life and death struggle he escapes in order to realize his great goal–spiritual renaissance of the Armenian people.

September 8-The expedition of Derpt university under the leadership of professor Parrot arrive in Etcmiatzin. After two days the expedition accompanied by Abovyan direct their steps towards Ararat to climb the summit of the mountain.

September 27- At 315 p.m Abovyan and Parrot climb the summit of Ararat. On the occasion of this great scientific deed Parrot promises to help Abovyan to get higher education In Derpt University.

October 27- Abovyan climbs the top of Little Ararat with Parrot.

December 8-Leaves  the monastic service off and leaves for Tpghis to reach Parrot and set off to Derpt with him. Because of plague Abovyan stays in isolation in Gyumri for 74 days..


February- Arrives in Tpghis.

 March 22-After reading the report of the Minister of Public Education the Emperor contests to Abovyan’s education in Derpt for three years.

 September 3- Arrives in Derpt.

September 10-Abovyan begins his study according to the special programme compiled by Parrot (at first takes the German language, afterwards Arithmethics, Geography, History).

May-June- Spends in Friedrichshoff at his friend M. Behagel.


 Begins studies of Cosmology, goes on studies of Arithmathics and History. Attendes teachers’ Seminary in Derpt.


April 2- Letter to Hovhannes Karbetsi.  In the letter Abovyan states his opinions about the role of enlightment and the ways of  transformation of the Armenians spiritual life.

May 27-Sets out on a journey to Friedrichshoff for the second time. Khacahatur is taken with Shakespeare’s philosophical poems.

 June-July-Journey to Kurland Ponemune estate with the friend T. Grass.  Also goes to Riga and Mitava.


May 10-The second journey to Ponemune.

July 27-By Parrot’s efforts the term of Abovyan’s study is extended  by one more year.

The second half year-Takes Physics, goes on studies of  Arithmetics and Latin. Listens to Prof. Eshe’s lectures on Psycology,  Philosophy and Logic. Takes part in practical studies.

October 14-Takes lessons of French by Yulia Dull. Earlier she gave English lessons to Abovyan.


 February 22- Under the leadership of prof. Shmalts takes  Economics,’House management’ and ‘Agriculture’. In spring moves to Alt-Kousthoff to continue mastering of these sciences in the local agricultural school and experimental fields.

 March- With the help of Mrs. Yulia Dull takes lessons of  piano.

May 30-In connection with finishing Derpt study, Abovyan takes an exam in front of special commission and gets the right of private teaching (History, Geography, Arithmetic, Geometry, Natural sciences, Russian, German, Latin).

 June 3-Passes exams of Philosophy, Psychology and Logic. 

 June 10-In his letter to Nerses Ashtaraketsi from Alt-Kousthoff elucidates his further purposes: after return  he wants to found a school of three category; priests, teachers and prepare specialists for mental work, trade, agriculture and industry.

Meditates on  regulating the Armenian church singing and tries in  his own fulfilment to record local musicians and give  Armenian church psalms on working out.

November27-Learns about his father’s death.


January-Makes a public speech in Petersburg stating his plans on the Armenians enlightment.

-Gets acquainted with academician Christian Fren.

February- Returns to Derpt.

 March-April-Writes an extensive essay on Armenian life and customs in German in combination with his child’s and youthful memories.

June-Begins to write down lectures on Chemistry principles of the chief  of the university  laboratory.

September- Listens to the lectures on music.


January-Leaves Derpt and takes the way back.

February- April- Spends in Moscow.

 March-Writes and presents to the government an extensive project on arrangments of  transformation economic and spiritual life of Armenia and Transcauasia.

 March-April-Collaborates with Moscow imperial society of naturalist and is elected an associate member.

At the beginning of June-Arrives in Pyatigorsk and has meetings with academician Shyogren.

June- Arrives in Tiflis. Meets with Catholicos  Hovhannes Karbetsi who refuses his educational programme.

June-Makes an compulsory decision to be taken into a civil service.

 Autumn- Gives lessons at Nerssesyan school for a short time.


February 12-Abovyan is appointed as an inspector and a teacher at Tiflis provincial school.


 May 26-June 11- Goes on a tour to Armenia with Senator P. Han and his wife.

June- In Etchmiadzin asks Hovhannes Karbetsi to let him work in favour of  clergy education, but is refused.

August-Compiles an arithmetic book for Tiflis provincial school pupils.

September-Becomes engaged to Emilie Looze.

Autumn- Finishes the textbook ‘Nakhashavigh’ (The first steps to education) and at the end of the year  presents it to the Transcaucasian directorship of schools for publishing. The printing of the book is interrupted because of imprisonment of the director.

October 1-Opens a private school.


 The first half-Engages in getting means for publishing his works.

January 23-According to his petition Synod of  Echmiadzin releases him from spiritual rank.

September- Finishes a textbook  ‘A new theoretical and practical Russian grammar for the Armenians’.

 September 14-Gets married to Emilie Looze.

December –The textbooks ‘Nakhashavigh’ and ‘A new theoretical and practical Russian grammar for Armenian’ are sent to Petersburg , Ministry of public education to get permission for publishing and take part in the competition announced for the chair of the Armenian language of Kazan University.


 May 13-Academician Brosse gives an opinion to the Imperial Academy about Abovyan’s books and  finds  unsuitable both to entrust to him the chair and to make the new Armenian language  (ashkharhabar)  a school language.

May 31- The son Vardan-Moritz is born.

– Finishes the new editing of the first part of ‘Nakhashavigh’ and the second part: grammar.

-Writes an article on the Armenian spiritual and folk music and send to the Russian Academy.

 At the end of the year-Suffers from long dangerous illness, that lasts till the first half of January 1841.


February-Devotes himself for creating historical novel ‘Wounds of Armenia, Lamentation of a patriot’.

March- Learns about death of his beloved tutor F. Parrot.

Autumn-Compiles collection ‘A toy for spare time’.


December 31-Closes the private school and places the pupils on the upper grades of the provincial school.


January 9-Gets a degree of a titled councillor.

April- Prof. naturalist-scientist of Munich University Moritz Wagner visits the provincial school and listen with admiration to Abovyan’s  private pupils.

April 29-By Transcaucasia’s  chief  manager’s order and at M. Wagner’s request Abovyan accompanies him to Armenia and assists in natural science investigation.

June 11-Asks directorship of schools for relieving him of post and transferring to Yerevan.

June 19-Abovyan is appointed an inspector and a teacher of  Yerevan provincial school.

July 11-August 3-Has meetings with professor botanist of Prague University F. Kolenati.

July 25- The daughter Zarmandukht  is born.

August 24-29-Accompanies economist August Haxhtausen on a trip to Yerevan district and gives invaluable help in his economic-ethnographical investigation.


January-Writes observations on improvement transcaucasian schools condition.

February-March-Sets up an experimental field adjacent to the school in order to teach pupils principles of agriculture. Lays out a garden with the help of residents of  Yerevan.

March 23-27-Has meetings with German poet Friеdrich Bodenstedt  and orientalist Georg Rozen, accompanies them to Etchmiadzin.Translates Turkish songs of Qeshish Oghli for publishing in Germany.

March 24-Gets an Transcaucasia’s  chief  manager’s and the school supreme authority order to leave for Tiflis immediately for assisting professor Herman Abich in geological investigation.

 April 11-Arrives in Tiflis. On 28 of April comes back to Yerevan and accompanies Hermann Abich on a tour to historical Armenia. They fail to ascend to Ararat for three times. They ascend to Little Ararat for two times.

 In the middle of April- Gives rich facts about Armenian national meals and musical instruments to professor of Leipzig University Karl Koch.


February-Letter to Nerses Ashtaraketsi. Decides to accept an spiritual rank again and work in a monk environment  in favour of spiritual revival of the nation.

March-Decides to try some important cultures from point of view trade and industry for the purpose of stimulating economic life of Armenia.

 April 14-In favour of  Krilov’s monument construction makes a donation.


 May-Comes to Nerses Ashtaraketsi with his pupils. His Holiness promises to send gifted pupils to Germany to get higher education.

September-Goes on tours with an English traveller Henry Seymour. On 18 of September they ascend to the top of Ararat.

October- Tours with a Russian writer and historian A. Muravyov.

Writes a historical essay about the capitals of Old Armenia.

 December-Gets a degree of collegiate assessor.


June-Leaves for Tiflis having intention to leave for Petersburg and Derpt with his pupils later on and on returning settle down in Tiflis for all time. A raging plague in Transcaucasia fails his plans.

July-August-Asks viceroy of Caucasia for admitting some of his pupils to school adjacent to silk-weaving mill of Nukhi in order to develop this branch of  craftsmanship in Armenia later on.

Summer- The mother Tagouhi  is dead.

September- Returns to Yerevan.

October-Goes on an eight-day tour to the ruins of Ani.

December-Falls ill seriously and has a narrow escape.


January 5-Arrives in Tiflis.

January 11- Authorities reprimand Abovyan for leaving the workplace voluntarily.

January 11-Sends in his resignation because of the school authorities unsubstantiated rebukes. The resignation isn’t accepted.

February 21-Nerses Ashtaraketsi invites Abovyan urgently to Tiflis to take a post of inspector in the near future opening Nerssesyan school.

March 3-Nerses Ashtaraketsi asks the manager of teaching department of Transcaucasia for relieving Abovyan of his post and send him at his disposal.

 March- Learns about relieving of his post of inspector of Yerevan provincial school. Starts handing the school to his substitude.

April 2, at dawn-Goes out of home and never comes back.